Data & AI Capability and Maturity Assessment

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For many years, the prioritisation of ‘Information Systems’ over ‘Information Requirements’ was in the crosshairs of many busy CIO’s working to deliver outcomes driven by the pressures of both time and money.

Fast forward to today, the rush of past implementations has caught up with many, leaving ‘point solutions’ and ‘information silos’ in an age where data is king.

What is a Capability and Maturity Assessment Review?

Informing your Data Capability Assessment is a decade of our learning and proven methodology creating tailored insights and roadmaps to help you tap into untapped data, providing a view of your current state and a roadmap on your way towards unified, Information Architecture.


We build out a realistic and pragmatic Information Architecture Framework approach providing your current view and future state so you can easily understand where to next and how.

We take a deep dive to help you understand:

Governance – control of information

  • Security – who has access and can manage the data in what circumstances
  • Quality – assessment of the quality of data
  • Meaning – what is the agreed meaning of the data
  • Responsibility– who is responsible for the data

Asset Management

  • Catalogue and Taxonomy of Data Assets & Systems
  • Mapping to Business Requirements
  • Meta-data

Utility – how the information is used

  • Conceptual Models
  • Master Data
  • Data Lineage / Lifecycle

Once we have completed your review, we can help you implement the new architecture, standards or frameworks and assist you in getting the necessary buy-in needed by both the business and IT with our Change Management experts.

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We’ll optimise your data capability to help you achieve your operational and strategic business objectives.

What are the key benefits of this review?

  • Detect flaws that reduce risk, including financial loss for the organisation
  • Reduce costs by streamlining operational processes and resource management
  • Establish overarching control over your software development process (Governance)
  • Create clarity, harmony and an action plan for teams promoting healthy cooperation
  • Define business goals and objectives informed with insights unlocked from disparate data sources

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