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SHAVIK.AI doesn’t just design and build state-of-the-art software to solve today’s problems. Innovation is ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to a cutting-edge Research and Development program ensures we remain at the forefront of technology, helping to “Create the Future.”

Every SHAVIK.AI team member gets to spend 10-20% of their time on R&D projects, and we aim to create a dedicated R&D team in 2019. As part of our learning culture, our team regularly shares new knowledge internally through showcases and seminars. We have well-established internal processes and tools for “idea management,” and we reward contributions with bonuses.

SHAVIK.AI has exclusive partnerships with universities and other organisations. We share our new and exciting ideas to the broader community through our Blog and plan to include our clients and partners in the ideas generation in the future.


Chatbot, the future of customer engagement with intelligence and less cost. Many organisations have implemented a version of Chatbot…but how many are built with real intelligence at the backend?

This thought has led us to create a SHAVIK.AI version of Chatbot using Microsoft Chatbot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services.

Data driven and ready to deploy…call us to get one installed!

Project - SKELETON - 100% PaaS based architecture

After deploying SKELETON (IaaS & PaaS) in a few projects, we recognized that cloud hosting was gaining popularity, especially in the Finance and Government sectors. We were curious to see what the results would be if we deployed every part of an application as PaaS (Platform as a Service.) So we architected a variation of SKELETON with 100% of the technologies based on Microsoft Azure PaaS and then implemented it with a few of our latest projects. Our next steps are to update the architecture to suit other cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud.

Project - AI in our day-to-day life

Our research focus for business software applications is on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can improve the end user experience and where possible limit human interaction with a system. The second part of this research was to define what data we can or should capture in order to meet functional objectives. More importantly, we’re looking at how we can obtain insights on the things ‘we don’t know what to look for!’ We believe AI can help us build futuristic solutions and help our clients be the best.

Project - SKELETON

Did you ever wonder why you have to define technologies and architecture for every greenfield project? SHAVIK.AI did, and we decided to do something about it. Thus the genesis of SKELETON, a comprehensive and flexible micro-services architecture that includes the latest technologies.


Some of the benefits on the website are different to the final text in the word document which is as follows:

  1. Within 10 minutes of deploying the SKELETON code and database, you are ready to add the functionality
  2. Out-of-the-box features include login (including SSO) and user authorisation with roles management
  3. APIs are ready for multiple user interfaces including Web and mobile apps
  4. SKELETON saves an estimated 6-8 weeks of design and development for new projects
  5. The product includes native apps for iOS and Android

What more can you ask for?

Project - Voting with Blockchain

The SHAVIK.AI team stays abreast of all the latest developments in Blockchain technology and its application to different problems through our R & D program. We explored several popular technologies, then developed a working application that facilitates the Voting process using Ethereum and a web application incorporating .Net and Angular 4.

Phase 2 of the project repeats the same use case using Hyperledger deployed on IBM Cloud. The project aims to continue building our in-house expertise on both Ethereum and Hyperledger so we can compare them and advise clients on the best solution for their situation.

Project - Insert YOUR amazing idea!

Please share your ideas with us, and we can create the future TOGETHER! Contact your account manager or partner team, and we'll gladly add the ideas you've been thinking about to our list. And, of course, we'll share the results with you as the project progresses.