Over the past decade, we've been perfecting and adding something we describe as our secret sauce to our product repertoire.

A process where we can take your stack from woe to go with an insightful and experienced look at what's really under the hood.

SHAVIK.AI Software Dev Ops Review

The "SYMPTOMS" and problems most companies face

No, it's not your imagination; the symptoms we're listing are much more typical than you think and indicate a festering problem that needs immediate attention.

  • As a business user, you feel like the tech team don't understand your needs resulting in too many change requests
  • As a tech team, you feel as though the business doesn't know what they want; they keep asking for changes
  • An application you are using is getting slower by the day
  • You have customers complaining about your software experience
  • You have consistent feature development delays
  • You have software with too many defects
  • You have software that keeps on crashing

Do you need a Software Dev Ops Review?

If you said yes to any of the above symptoms, then yes, you do.

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What's happens in our signature Software Dev Ops Review?

With over 200 checks covering every aspect of the software development process, we use industry established standards coupled with a decade worth of our own experience to identify the blockers standing between your business and success.
  • Business analysis and requirements gathering
  • Project management
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Task and Issue tracking
  • Architecture, design and technical specifications
  • Development tools and technology
  • Source code version control
  • Unit testing and review
  • System and integration testing
  • Build and release processes
  • User acceptance testing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Data maturity and capability (mini version)
  • Documentation and knowledge management

Who benefits from our signature Software Dev Ops Review?

Clients from many different industries and sizes select us to help them solve unnecessary and expensive software headaches once and for all.

If you are:
  • An established organisation using multiple software integrations for internal business process automation and customer-facing systems/products.
  • or
  • A start-up needing to un-pick the quick and dirty software systems that no longer do the 'job.'
  • or
  • An investor wishing to undertake due diligence to analyse the tech of the start-up.
SHAVIK's Software Dev Ops review is vital to ensure the success and growth of your business and remove unnecessary headaches that legacy software causes.

Case study

“If it wasn’t for SHAVIK, we wouldn’t have gotten there”.
CTO, ASX Listed Financial Services Organisation

During a period of high growth, a critical data migration and Software Development Quality Assessment was imperative to achieve goals within the aggressive timelines for this ASX Listed Financial Services Organisation had set; SHAVIK. AI stepped in to provide the right resources to deliver the migration and undertake the SDLC Quality Assessment.

A comprehensive deep dive of SDLC processes, operations and team capabilities, assessments of all existing artefacts and processes and team interviews across all roles from architects to developers, testers to business analysts informed a comprehensive and high-quality framework to lead the company towards business success.